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> FAQ's

Q:  Are the garment(s) or product(s) included in the price?

A:  YES it is. All garments or products are included in the price.

Q:  Can I provide my own garment(s) or product(s)?

A:  We prefer to provide all of our own materials and products to

      ensure the best quality merchandise possible.

Q:  Are women's and children's sizes available?

A:  YES, women's and children's sizes are available as well

      as toddlers and infants.  (Some products are limited in size & color.)

Q:  What are the turn around times for orders?

A:  Most orders are completed and shipped in 3-5 business days.

      Large orders require additional time.

Q:  Can I return an item for a refund?

A:  All sales are final and can not be returned or refunded.

Q:  How much advanced notice is needed to place an order?

A:  We require at least 2 weeks notice on all orders.

Q:  Is there a minimum order required?

A:  No. There are no minimum orders required.

Q:  Is there a set up or design fee?

A:  There is a one time $15 set up and design fee.


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